Dickey 32 in Sydney
Dickey fishing Port Stephens
Dickey Semifly 45 at Lord Howe Island
Dickey Semifly 32 on blue marlin Port Stephens

Dickey Boats - Australia

Since 2010, Dickey Boats has been privileged to offer and support its luxury custom vessels in Australia.

In collaboration with Sydney’s Jaxon Marine, the local Dickey Boats community grows strongly. Vessels across the range, from its “Custom” trailer boats through to the flagship Semifly 45, enjoy homes with Australian clients plying its endless and varied waters.

Led by husband and wife team Jason and Tristin Dickey, this is a family-owned company valuing talent and fostering craftsman-like ideals. Every hull handed over to an owner mirrors the pride built into it. Result - exquisite, high-performance vessels loved by clients, clients who become friends, friends who become family.

Dickey Boats Australia

Customised for Australia

As with every Dickey, vessels destined for Australia enjoy a collaborative design and build process crafted to meet an owner’s specific requirements. Essential aspects specific Australian boating environment are considered, whether they’re introduced during the consultation process or already documented from experience. The company prides itself of continual improvement, based on local customer feedback.

Dickey Boats Australia

Unique in the market

Dickey vessels offer an envied value proposition in the Australian market. Supremely customisable, these celebrated craft have redefined performance aluminium boat-building Down-Under. Supremely versatile,
exquisitely finished, intelligent and comfortable while delivering class-leading fuel-efficiency, Dickey boats enjoy a reputation as the pinnacle of New Zealand-built sportfisher/family cruisers.

Dickey Boats Australia

Dickey Boats Service

Dickey Boats after-sales service is a well-established hallmark of the brand. With its Australian following continuing to grow the team continues to strengthen its ability to support locally owned vessels.

In a little over a decade, a notably uncompromising approach to standards propelled this marine pacesetter from head-turning newcomer to multi-award-winning custom boat-building maven. Maintaining this market position requires a 24/7 approach to ongoing service - a commitment the company delivers on via a team of experienced seafarers and engineers. In most cases, support for your vessel is only a phone call away.

Dickey Boats Australia