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Dickey Boats’ frequently welcome new team members from around New Zealand and even the world to its beautiful home in beautiful in Napier.

Those considering relocation are encouraged to research the benefits a move to Hawkes Bay could deliver for them personally, and their family.

The Hawkes Bay climate is celebrated as one of New Zealand’s sunniest. Humidity is consistently low, year-round, with Summer days routinely reaching the low 30s Celsius. Winters are mild and punctuated by long periods of sunny weather.

Housing is considered affordable and provides many first home buyers with realistic access to a market out of reach in bigger cities like Auckland and Tauranga.

The outdoors plays a central role in many Hawke's Bay residents lives. Fishing, both sea and river, is highly accessible and productive. Expansive conservation areas provide access to a wide variety of natural environments including forests, mountains and a diverse range of beaches for swimming and surfing.

Napier’s famous marine parade is a haven for children, with modern playgrounds, skateboard parks and the country’s National Aquarium providing a safe and welcoming environment for tourists and locals alike.

Hawkes Bay has long been acknowledged as the fruit bowl of New Zealand. Fresh produce and world class wines of the region feed a selection of the country’s finest restaurants, including 2017 New Zealand Restaurant of the Year, Pacifica.

Napier and Hawkes Bay offer new residents the very best of many worlds, including housing opportunities, personal and family lifestyle, culture and of course career development.