Dickey Semifly 45 review by Boating New Zealand

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March 10, 2017
Dickey Semifly 45 review by Boating New Zealand

Dickey Boats was delighted to host respected Boating New Zealand journalist John Eichelsheim, on board our current flagship vessel, the new Dickey Semifly 45.

Published in the December 2016 edition of the magazine, Boating New Zealand journalist, John Eichelsheim offers a number of key insights into the quality of the vessel and the value the Semifly 45 offers a range of potential owners.

For example:

"First Edition displays all the hallmarks of Dickey’s Semifly line-up: robust engineering, distinctive styling, a beautifully faired and painted hull and solid performance with excellent fuel economy. As befits a vessel of this quality, she boasts a luxurious but highly practical custom interior with brilliant indoor-outdoor flow."

Please take the time to read the full review on this link >>

Dickey Boats would like to thank the owners of First Edition, for allowing access to their new vessel for the purposes of this review.