Pacific 62 - Tailoring a boat for your adventure

How do you design a boat to suit your adventure?

Pacific 62

September 1, 2023
Pacific 62 - Tailoring a boat for your adventure

How do you design a boat to suit your adventure?

For us, boat travel and exploration are all about maximising the experience and having a blast.

However, when considering options for our style of adventure, many great passage-making vessels out there lacked the layout and amenities to fully optimise the experience on arriving at the destination.

For instance, having the tender on the stern limited our ability to game fish, work a bait-ball efficiently or even jump over the side for a look. We wanted a clear cockpit to park-up mid-ocean comfortably and enjoy a BBQ day. Keeping the bow and wheelhouse sides free from clutter was crucial, allowing us to easily throw some poppers when we spot fish along the way.

Addressing these challenges, we came up with innovative solutions like the flybridge dodger. Unlike typical shelters, ours is designed solely for storing the tender, kayaks, surfboards, and paddle boards, ensuring a more connected and social experience in the living areas.

To accommodate all our gear safely and accessibly, we incorporated flip-down covers under the wheelhouse overhang for securing up to 20 fishing rods. The wheelhouse's spacious storage area houses two folding electric bikes, while the lazarette is designed with ample bin storage for the rest of our equipment, like dive gear.

Our gear list at the start, tailored for our family, included the essential tender, surfboards, full fishing gear, free diving gear, wing foiling gear, two kayaks, paddle boards, and possibly electric scooters. It takes a lot of forethought to efficiently store and access this sort of equipment list.

The result? A vessel that not only boasts classic lines but also seamlessly integrates adventure and exploration into every passage we take. So be it a day trip from the marina, coastal trip for a few days, or a 4-month exploration of the pacific and we will have everything we need at any time!

If you'd like to discuss your ideal set-up, give us a call on the details below.

Jason Dickey - Cofounder, Dickey Boats

Vertical view of Pacific 62 - cut through to main saloon
Pacific 62 - starboard bow three-quarter view